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Shellfish species shrinking as rising carbon emissions hit marine life

The Guardian, 15 Mqy 2015




On June 12th was organized at the EC delegation of Barcelona (Spain) a press event just after the MedSeA final meeting. Following is a non exhaustive list of the press releases (mainly in Spanish):

TVEL’acidificació i l’escalfament amenacen espècies emblemàtiques del Mediterrani (video in Catalan)

TVE, June 2014


El CO2 amenaza la vida marine (in Spanish)

La Vanguardia, 13 June 2014



L’escalfament del mediterrani danya la biodiversitat i l’economia (in Catalan)

Ara, 13 June 2014



L’acidificació del aigua amenaça el Mediterrani (in Catalan)

El Periodico de Catalunya, 13 June 2014


El Mediterráneo se calenta a un ritmo sin precedentes (in Spanish)

Diario de Ibiza, 13 June 2014


L’escalfament i acidificació de la Mediterrània posa en perill els seus ecosistemes (in Catalan)

El Punt Avui, 16 June 2014


El Mediterráneo se calienta y se acidifica a un ritmo sin precedentes (in Spanish)

Ultima Hora, 13 June 2014


La creciente acidez del agua amenaza el Mediterráneo (in Spanish)

Mediterráneo, 13 June 2014


El Mediterrani, calent i àcid a un ritme sense precedents (in Catalan)

Regio 7, 13 June 2014



 El Mediterráneo se calienta y se acidifica a un ritmo sin precedentes por las emisiones de CO2 (in Spanish)

La Verdad de Cartagena, 17 June 2014



Acid Oceans (video in English)

by Nicholas Blakemore, April 2014


Un mar más cálido, más ácido y más alto a causa del cambio climático (in Spanish)

La Vanguardia, 14 March 2014


Turn Down the Heat – Why a 4°C Warmer World Must be Avoided (video in English)

by Dr. Carol Turley, January 2014


Sea Change – MedSeA

International I

nnovation, June 2013




Oceano Magazine (in Spanish and Portuguese)






Mediterranean Sea: small changes big impacts

Finnegan G, H

Horizon: the EU Research and Innovation Magazine, 29 July 2013


VIDeo NEO cruise_smallResearch Cruise in the Mediterranean (video in English)

Crucero Científico en el Mediterráneo (video in Spanish)

Autonomous University of Barcelona – Press department, 2013

The Mediterranean: Beneath the Surface

Chemical an Engineering News, 09 April, 2012



Científicos observan los efectos de la acidificación en el mar Mediterráneo (in Spanish)

 Spanish National Radio and TV (RTVE), 03 June 2013


Científicos alertan de la acidificación del Mediterráneo por emisiones de CO2 (in Spanish)

La Vanguardia, 03 June 2013


Expertos alertan de grandes cantidades de medusas y plásticos en el Mediterráneo (in Spanish)

El País – Catalunya – 03 June 2013

Stareso mesocosm experiment -1, MedSeA project

France 3 Corse, 08/08/2012



Stareso mesocosm experiment -2, MedSeA project

France 3 Corse, 08/08/2012



Marine Life on Acid:Predicting future biodiversity in our changing oceans

Lesley Evans Ogden, Bioscience, May 2013



Ocean Acidification: Connecting science, industry, policy and  public

Plymouth Marine Laboratory film


Acidifying oceans of the future

CO2 vent video from MedSeA participants Jason Hall-Spencer,

Riccardo Rodolfo-Metalpa and Maoz Fine. The New Scientist magazine.

National Geographic article on Ocean Acidification

Elizabeth Kolbert, National Geographic, April 2011


The Observer” article on Ocean Acidification

L’acidification des océans est aussi grave que le réchauffement climatique



Nelle Eolie per conoscere il futuro dei mari

Peppe Paino,


Assessment of pH variability at a coastal CO2 vent for ocean acidification studies

Philip Kerrison, Jason M. Hall-Spencer , David J. Suggett, Leanne J. Hepburn, Michael Steinke . Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science (2011) 1-9

Damage to Marine Ecosystems as CO2 Emissions Rise

Published at “Save our seas Foundation”

Riccardo Rodolfo-Metalpa, Jason Hall-Spencer et alt.


Coral and mollusc resistance to ocean acidification adversely affected by warming

Riccardo Rodolfo-Metalpa et alt. Published at Nature Climate Change



Ocean Acidification: Acting on Evidence: Messages for Rio + 20



 L’acidification ménace les écosystèmes marins


Les océans et la chimie durable © Pour la Science 

Ocean acidity gamble leaves marine life with uncertain future

Kelly-Marie Davidson, Responding to Climate Change (RTCC)


‘Jacuzzi vents’ model CO2 future

Jonathan Amos, BBC News, Vancouver



Undersea vents a ‘time machine’ on climate change

Mark Hume, Vancouver – Globe and Mail Update



Försurning av haven går snabbare än beräknat (in Swedish)

Mona Hambraeus, Vancouver, Sverige Radio (Swedish radio)



Carbon dioxide breaking down marine ecosystems

Janet Raloff,  Science News



La acidificación de los océanos se acelera a un ritmo récord (in Spanish)




Ocean water acidifying as carbon dioxide increases

Jason Hall-Spencer interview on The Science Show, Radio National, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.



Più acido e più caldo: il Mediterraneo è a rischio (in Italian)

Article in Il Sussidiario by Patrizia Ziveri and Marcello Vicchi


Panarea Island, a natural laboratory

The University of Notthingham, Giorgio Caramanna



Flourishing seaweed

Nature Climate Change, Jason Hall-Spencer et alt.



Rise of the Anemones

Conservation Magazine



Ocean waters: short film on the consequences of ocean acidification

European Commission – ComEnvir project

  The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 265103
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