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Mediterranean Reference User Group (MRUG)

The MRUG is a MedSeA advisory body composed of key MedSeA scientists, key marine and coastal managers, conservation practitioners, industry representatives, science policy advisors and policy makers, and other stakeholders and end-users, mainly from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The MRUG ensures dissemination both, of the issues covered by MedSeA scientists to the stakeholders organisations, and of the ocean acidification-related policy and societal issues important to those stakeholders and end-users. Additionally, the MRUG will assure the quality of the dissemination methods used by the MedSeA scientists.

The MRUG aims to:
  • Advise on the types of data and analyses and products that will be most useful to managers, policy advisers, decision makers, and politicians,
  • Advise on the format and nature of key messages arising from the research,
  • Advise on the dissemination procedures to ensure that the results from the research are disseminated to all potential end users, and
  • Transmit key science developments into their own sector and parent organisation.

MRUG members:


Institution / Organization

Abdulah Ameer IUCN
Almudena Gómez Europêche
Helena Álvarez Oceana
Atila Uras UNEP / MAP
Axel Romaña IFREMER
Purifació Canals MedPAN
Chloe Webster MedPAN
Dan Laffoley IUCN
David Santillo Greenpeace
Javier Garat Perez CEPESCA
John Baxter Scottish Natural Heritage
Kathy Tedesco UNESCO
Keith Alverson UNESCO
Kirsten Isensee UNESCO
Kristian Teleki Global Ocean Commission
Laure Fournier Fondation Total
Maarten van Rouveroy Greenpeace
Marina Gomei WWF Foundation
Fabio Massa FAO
Matthias Leisinger Kuoni Travel
Michelle Allsopp Greenpeace
Atef Ouerghi UNEP / MAP
Pierre-Yves Cousteau Cousteau Divers
Alessandra Sensi Union for the Mediterranean
Paulo Augusto Lourenço Dias Nunes The World Bank
Lorenzo Galbiati UNEP / MAP







  The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 265103
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